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(Re)launched in 2020, London Very Young Arbitration Practitioners (London VYAP) provides a valuable platform for professional networking and knowledge sharing among junior arbitration practitioners and members of academia.

London VYAP aims to connect professionals with a maximum of five years' post qualification experience who are based in London or have links with London’s thriving arbitration community, thereby supporting the professional development and career progression of its members.

To further this objective, London VYAP organises events and networking opportunities focusing on very young arbitration practitioners. With a presence of more than 350 young professionals, London VYAP presents a unique opportunity at the junior end of the London arbitration market to proactively connect, learn from and network with one another.

The purpose of London VYAP is to both generate and promote the sharing of vital knowledge and industry experience amongst experienced practitioners and the next generation of lawyers who have a deep interest in all areas of arbitration.

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