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London VYAP & Jus Mundi Partnership

It’s no secret that establishing oneself as a young, successful arbitration practitioner requires hard work (and some luck)! Getting the first few articles published is a serious challenge that young practitioners encounter early on in their careers. We have been there ourselves and want to help our members by creating real publishing opportunities. This is why London VYAP has teamed up with the Jus Mundi Blog.


The result?


As of January 2021, very young arbitration practitioners are welcome to submit their contributions for the Jus Mundi Blog! We promise that there will be plenty of (publishing) room for all of you to shine.

The London VYAP & Jus Mundi Partnership is the product of a unique synergy between two new kids on the arbitration block. We were brought together by our passion for international arbitration and a desire to give a voice to the next generation of arbitration practitioners. We believe that this initiative will give our members a valuable opportunity to share their views on developments in international arbitration and raise their profiles.

Who should get involved?

The partnership is open to all arbitration practitioners based in London with up to five-years of post-qualification experience. In particular, we welcome article submissions from qualified solicitors and barristers.


How to submit an article proposal

Send an email to londonvyap@gmail.com and provide the following details:

  1. your name, post-qualification experience (i.e., NQ-5 years PQE) and organisation;

  2. title of the proposed article; and

  3. abstract of 150-200 words (each topic needs to be pre-approved first, so please do not send us final articles).


The London VYAP Executive Committee and the Jus Mundi Blog editors will consider all submissions and select suitable article proposals. Following approval of the article proposal, each author will have 10 calendar days to submit their draft. The article will be subject to a joint peer review by the London VYAP Executive Committee and the editors of the Jus Mundi Blog.

The final version of the article will be published on the Jus Mundi Blog as soon as practicable. Articles will be promoted on social media, via London VYAP’s fanpage and Jus Mundi’s group on LinkedIn.

Guidelines for contributions to the blog

Each article submitted by London VYAP members for publication on Jus Mundi Blog must:

  1. be written in English;

  2. be submitted as a word document;

  3. be between 600 and 1500 words; and

  4. not include any footnotes.


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Disclaimer: London VYAP and Jus Mundi are not responsible for reviewing and ensuring compliance with any internal publication policies of the authors’ law firms or chambers. It is the authors’ sole responsibility to ensure that their submitted articles comply with any such internal publication policies and are cleared of any conflicts.

Plagiarism Policy: all articles submitted under the Jus Mundi & London VYAP partnership for the publication on Jus Mundi’s blog must be plagiarism free. Author(s) will remain at all times responsible for citing in full any work of any other person appearing in the article to avoid plagiarism. Jus Mundi & London VYAP shall not be liable for any plagiarism or copyright issues.