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The application window for the London VYAP Mentorship Programme 2024 is now closed.    




The objective of London VYAP's Mentorship Programme is to connect our members – arbitration practitioners of maximum 5 years post-qualification experience – with senior arbitration practitioners based in London. The programme aims to provide our members with a unique insight into the London arbitration community, offer support in developing their careers, make new connections and broaden their professional network.


How the programme is structured


The Mentorship Programme works in one-year cycles and the 2024 edition will run between April 2024 and April 2025. During this period, mentees and mentors are encouraged to connect approximately once every three months depending on need and availability. Mentees and mentors are given the flexibility to structure their rapport in any way they deem fit.  Mentors will also be invited to attend certain London VYAP networking events during the year, providing further opportunities for London VYAP members to connect with our mentors.

London VYAP hopes that mentors will be able to share their career experience with two mentees and advise them on the most suitable steps to advance their career in line with their aspirations. To facilitate peer-to-peer mentoring and further promote networking opportunities, we encourage the mentors to hold small group sessions with both their mentees, in addition to/as an alternative to one-on-one meetings where possible.

Launch event

Following the successful launches of the 2021, 2022 and 2023 editions of the Mentorship Programme, we hope to be able to organise an in-person, networking event to kick-off the 2024 edition, open to all mentors and mentees participating in the Programme. Further details will be confirmed closer to the date.

If you are interested in sponsoring the 2024 launch event, please contact the London VYAP Executive Committee at

Who should apply


The Mentorship Programme is open to all arbitration practitioners with up to five-years of post-qualification experience who have a connection to London and who are willing to take on an active role and display strong commitment to developing new professional connections. In particular, we welcome applications from qualified solicitors and barristers. However, each application will be  considered on an individual basis and we will consider applicants from diverse personal and professional backgrounds. 

Participants of the 2021, 2022 and 2023 editions of the Mentorship Programme are also welcome to apply, but their prior involvement in the programme will be taken into account by the London VYAP Executive Committee.

Who are the mentors


In the 2023 edition of the Mentorship Programme, we connected 42 VYAP mentees with 21 mentors, each of whom are senior practitioners in the field of international arbitration at well-known law firms and chambers from across London. We have built on the experience of the 2021, 2022 and 2023 editions to ensure that our mentors offer diverse professional experiences to provide new and interesting perspectives to support mentees.  

For any further information about the mentors and regular updates on mentor profiles, follow our Mentorship Programme updates on LinkedIn.

Mentee-mentor pairing and the dynamics of the Mentorship Programme

The London VYAP Executive Committee will take into account each mentee’s interests and experience to connect them with the mentors most suitable to their attributes and aspirations. The mentees will be expected to take on the following responsibilities:


  1. Reach out to their allocated mentor to set up the initial meeting (which may be held in person or virtually, depending on circumstances, availability and personal preference);

  2. Set out the main objectives that they wish to achieve from the Mentorship Programme and propose a practical plan (formal or informal) of how these may be achieved;

  3. Collaborate with any other mentees in their group, communicate regularly with the mentor (whether jointly, or individually) and set up subsequent meetings; and

  4. Provide feedback to London VYAP on the Mentorship Programme that will be used to improve the programme.


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